Syria: Donate now

Thousands of older Syrian refugees are living in makeshift shelters in desperate conditions. They urgently need your help – please donate now.

More than 70,000 people have been killed in war torn Syria in the past two years, and already over one million have fled to neighbouring countries to escape the increasing number of air strikes and shelling. But the situation is worsening still. 

Souhad’s story

Souhad is one of those who risked her life fleeing to a neighbouring country.  But her life is still at risk, Souhad’s tent has no heating, electricity or hot water. She barely has access to the food and medicines she needs to survive. Souhad is over 70 years old, she suffers from severe arthritis, making it excruciatingly painful to walk even short distances.

Souhad and many older people like her are fighting to survive.

Please give £10, or whatever you can, to help an older person like Souhad.

What are we doing?

There are no United Nations agencies and very few other organisations dedicated to older people. But we are here – the only UK charity focusing on the needs of older people – and we need your help.

This situation would be difficult for anyone, but imagine what it is like for older people like Souhad, a refugee in a foreign country. To get aid, they must queue for hours – sometimes they are pushed out of the way. And if they are lucky enough to reach the front of the queue, they are given packages that are too heavy to carry, difficult to open and contain food they find hard to digest.

Our local partner has been working in refugee camps in Syria’s neighbouring countries, ensuring that we are helping as many older people as possible by providing life-saving access to food, medicine and medical equipment.

But we urgently need funds so that we can continue our work and help more vulnerable older people.

Please make a donation now to help older Syrian refugees today.

What your gift could achieve

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Age International is raising money together with the DEC for the Syria Crisis Appeal. The DEC is a consortium of 14 aid agencies working together in times of disasters and emergencies.

Any income not spent after twelve months after the appeal launch may be allocated to another emergency situation that requires our support.