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Every day Age International helps older people in some of the poorest countries in the world. Discover how we spend your donations to ensure older people can live safely, in better health, and with dignity.

Thanks to our incredible supporters, in 2016/17:

  • 850,000 older people and their families were helped by our essential services
  • 612,000 older people had access to health services
  • 1.67m people got new or improved social pensions

Discover more about our achievements over the past year, by reading a copy of our annual review or annual report.

How your donations helped older people in 2016/17

Domingu in Mozambique, who receives regular visits from our health worker. '[Rahul, the health worker] is like a son to me... he's helping to prolong my life. I live alone. If I were not visited, I don't know what would happen. When Raul comes, I feel happy.'

Domingu, 75, Mozambique




Daw Mya proudly holds the new walking stick Age International has given her. 'I want to be strong like this stick. I'm so happy to get this [walking stick]. Tonight I'll say a prayer for all the people in the UK, that their life will be strong like this stick.'

Daw Mya, 81, Myanmar




Karimjabu, 75, can see clearly after his  cataract operation. 'Life would be very difficult if i had not had my cataracts removed. I wouldn't be able to farm and that is very important for us. I would not be able to do a single thing.'

Karimjabu, 75, Zanzibar




Kanchi has been helped to rebuild her life after the Nepal earthquake. 'If the Older People's Association did not exist, life wouldn't be so good. I'd just have to get on with my household tasks, without having any opportunity to rest or meet other people.'

Kanchi, 71, Nepal




Lourenco is an Age International volunteer in Mozambique 'We've changed the attitude of [health] staff towards older people. We've mobilied older people to stand up for their rights. And they demand those rights!'

Lourenco, 56, healthcare volunteer, Mozambique




How we raise our money

Age International receives grants and donations from UK individuals, trusts, statutory bodies, Age UK, the UK Government and businesses. The following pie chart illustrates our total income for the 2015-16 financial year.

Age International's income for 2015-16.

How we spend our money

The majority of our income is spent on development projects, emergency relief, recovery work and disaster risk reduction. The following chart shows how our money was spent in 2015-16.

Age International expenditure for the 2015-16 financial year.

Get a copy of our Annual Review or Annual Report:
Annual Review 2015-16 Annual Report 2015-16

Annual Review 2014-15Annual Report 2014-15

HelpAge International UK is the registered name of the Charity, but we are publicly known as Age International. Age International is an independent charitable company limited by guarantee (registered charity number 1128267-8).

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