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We currently have projects running in over 30 countries across Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and South Asia.



  • HIV. More older people are living with HIV than ever before. We are helping them to get the support and treatment that they need, as well as educating communities about the disease. (across Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Rights. We are helping older people to work together to advocate for their rights, by creating a network of Older People's Associations (OPAs) that will push local governments for things like better pensions. (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda)
  • Healthcare. We are revolutionising healthcare for nearly 400,000 older people in four African countries by training healthcare professionals to care for older people; training homecare volunteers; and making sure older people can access free or discounted medicines. (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe)

How we helped Kaswele to walk again >


  • Clean water and sanitation. We are ensuring communities have access to safe drinking water, constructing household latrines, and providing a dedicated livestock watering trough.
  • Tackling drought. We are helping older people affected by drought to get food; plant drought-resistant seeds; and get jobs


  • Financial support. We are working with the Kenyan government on a cash transfer programme to provide older people with unconditional cash transfers. Cash transfers reduce poverty and ensure consistent access to food, by allowing people to hold onto their assets and even to save money. We hope that the programme will encourage the Kenyan government to establish cash transfers as an entitlement for older people, in the same way as a state pension in the UK.

Find out how cash transfers helped Lokangwau to support herself and her family >


  • Pensions. We are helping older people to access their pensions, and other social protection schemes that they are entitled to, by increasing awareness that they exist, and by providing older people with ID cards to show that they qualify.

Sierra Leone

  • Ebola crisis. We are helping older people to rebuild their liveihoods and support themselves again after Ebola ravaged the country.

South Africa

  • Rights. We are helping 30 members of the South Africa Ageing Network (SAAN) to raise awareness, campaign and advocate for older people's rights.
  • Pensions and rights. We are helping older people to understand their rights, and the help to which they are entitled. In particular, we are making sure that they have access to social protection programmes, such as pensions and child support grants. We are helping older people to identify and tackle national policies from which they are excluded, so that older people are taken into account by policy makers.

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South Sudan

  • Food and nutrition. We are combatting hunger and poverty by promoting sustainable food production for vulnerable households. This will not only help to increase household income but also their resilience to emergencies.

Helping refugees from South Sudan >

Nyabier, 70, a South Sudanese refugee in Ethiopia


  • Supporting refugees. We are helping Burundian refugees living in camps. As well as older people, we are helping people living with disabilities, those with conditions such as Albinism, and women living alone or with dependants.

Find out why older people are especially vulnerable during emergencies > 


  • Supporting refugees with essential items. We are providing assistance to South Sudanese refugees living in camps in Uganda. This includes provision of non-food items, distribution of warm clothing and rebuilding shelters.
  • Pyschological support for refugees. We are proving South Sudanese refugees with psychological support by forming Older People's Clubs, training counsellors and organising activities such as cultural and sporting activities.

East Asia and Pacific


  • Research for change. We are conducting studies and working with partners to find out what works for older people on issues such as healthcare. We are using that knowledge to increase the wellbeing of older people in several countries. (Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand)


  • Universal health coverarage for older people. We are working with the Myanmar government to ensure that it will be in a position to provide universal health coverage by 2030. To do this, we are helping the University of Public Health (UPH) to support policy changes and improve health services.
  • Combating Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). We are improving the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and dementia. We are training health professionals on the needs of older people and how to treat NCDs, and are running health education programmes for communities, to help people recognise NCDs and know how to deal with them.
  • Pensions. We are working with the Myanmar government to implement a state pension for older people. We are also helping them to develop national policies on ageing that will help to increase the rights and incomes of extremely poor households.

Learn how pensions make a difference in developing countries >

  • Food and water. We are making families more resilient to shocks by improving food security for vulnerable households, and giving communities improved access to reliable and safe sources of water.
  • Recovering from conflict. We are helping communities to recover from conflict, helping them to rebuild and redevelop so that refugees and displaced persons can return home. 
  • Fighting for rights. We are helping older people in rural areas to work together to advocate for their rights and gain proper access to services such as healthcare. We are doing this by supporting older people's self-help groups in rural areas.
  • Preparing for natural disasters. We are reducing the impact of natural disasters by training agencies and communities on how to prepare for disasters and manage the after-effects.

An older man is fed lunch by his son and a home-based carer in Myanmar (Burma).


  • Changing attitudes to older people. We are changing attitudes towards older people by improving connections between older and younger generations. Changing attitudes will mean that older people have better access to employment, allowing them to have more control over their economic situation. We are also working with various non-governmental organisations in the country, to help them effectively advocate for older people.
  • Grassroots development. We are reducing poverty and increasing the health of disadvantaged people by promoting more 'grassroots-orientated' methods of development.

South Asia


  • Fighting for rights. We are promoting the rights of older people and influencing policy through cultural campaigning and media work.


  • Healthcare. We are ensuring that older people have access to regular health check-ups and basic medicines. We are also providing eye tests, glasses and cataracts surgeries to help older people regain their independence.
  • Livelihoods. We are providing loans and the equipment older people need to set up a small business, so they can provide for themselves and their families.


  • Nepal earthquake. We are dealing with the long-term effects of the 2015 earthquake. We are ensuring that people affected by the earthquake have adequate shelter, providing healthcare and psychological support; supporting older people to earn a living; and preparing communities for future emergencies.

Learn more about the work we are doing in Nepal >


  • Social protection schemes. We are ensuring that vulnerable older people have an adequate and consistent income, and are able to feed themselves properly. We do this by increasing their access to long-term social protection schemes, such as pensions.
  • Age-friendly loans. We are reducing poverty among marginalised and impoverished older people. To do this, we are ensuring that older people are granted access to age-friendly loans so they can start small businesses to support themselves and their families.

See how an age-friendly loan transformed Hazoor's life >

Sri Lanka

  • Healthcare. We are providing free eessential healthcare to older people, including free medical tests, medical advice, and medication.
  • Livelihoods. We are helping older people to support themselves and their families by providing them with agricultural training and equipment.

Eastern Europe and Central Asia


  • Horticultural training & legal advice. We are improving the ability of older people living in rural communities in Kyrgzystan and Tajikistan to support themselves financially by giving them horticultural training to improve their health and nutrition. We are also giving paralegal advice and support to help them access rights and entitlements, and forming self-help groups to help older people to influence local and national government.


  • Health training & education. We are training health professionals on older people's health needs, including diabetes prevention and treatment. We are also running health education programmes for communities, to help people to recognise the symptoms of diabetes and know what to do if they develop the disease.
  • Ending loneliness and isolation. We are combating problems of loneliness and isolation by ensuring that vulnerable older people are included in their community. We are doing this by ensuring that policies addressing vulnerable people are properly implemented, allowing older people to access the services they need in order to participate more in their community.
  • Rights. We are increasing participation of older people in decision-making by promoting changes in attitudes, practices and policies at all levels of governance. This will enable older people to live with security and dignity and participate as citizens with full rights.


  • Syria Crisis: psychological support. We are providing psychological support to Syrian refugees, in order to help them recover from the trauma that they have experienced. This includes counselling sessions and specalist social events - designed to reduce stress, lonliness and isolation.
  • Syria Crisis: healthcare. We are helping Syrian refugees and local Lebanese with healthcare to treat their chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. This includes providing health checks, running clinics and mobile medical units, organising exercise classes for general wellbeing, and training healthcare professionals on the needs of older people.

Meet some of the refugees we are helping in Lebanon >


  • Elder abuse. Raising awareness around violence and against older men and women and alliviating all forms of neglect and abuse.


  • Rights. We are helping older people across the country to work together to advocate for their rights. We are doing this by strengthening a network of regional non-profit groups, known as 'The Rights of Older People Network'.


Human rights. Helping Older People's Associations (OPAs) to advocate for their rights, make sure policy commitments are delivered, and increase the government's commitment to the human rights of older people.


  • Ukraine crisis. We are supporting older people in conflict-affected areas (both government and non-government controlled) with psychological support, home visits for isolated older people, and walking sticks, glasses and hearing aids. We are also making sure that older people are on the lists for food distribution.
  • Rights. We are working with Older Citizens' Monitoring Groups (OCMGs) to help them monitor the government's commitments to older people. This will allow them to advocate more effectively, ensure that older people have access to vital services and have more of an influence on national policy.

Learn how Nadezhda was affected by the conflict in Ukraine >

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