Improving health

Blind woman in a make-shift hosptial in Haiti, smiles.

We work with local partners to improve the health of older people in some of the world's poorest countries. But what impact is our work having?

Last year nearly 700,000 older people were able to access healthcare with our support.

We get people the treatment they need

Helped 120,000 older people receive basic healthcare last year - icon of a first aid kit.

We set up mobile health camps so that everyone, even in the most remote communities, has access to health care.

Our bikes, vans and boats can take on all kinds of different terrain - so that, instead of travelling to a doctor, the doctor can come to you.

In 2012 we helped over 120,000 older people worldwide to receive basic healthcare – including check-ups from mobile clinics and help with transport to hospitals.

We support older people living with HIV

Helped 5000 older people in Africa to get HIV treatment - icon of medication.

HIV isn't exclusively a 'young person's disease'. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are currently around 3 million people aged 50 and over living with HIV. We help older people to reach screenings for HIV - and offer access to drug treatments and counselling.

Education and prevention is vital to our work. That's why we reach out to older people via other older people - by nominating a 'peer educator' to share their experiences of HIV and discuss safe sex, we make talking about and learing about HIV a less threatening exercise.

5,000 older people in Africa accessed HIV counselling and testing with our help last year. Half of those 5,000 also received anti-retroviral treatment.

We help grandparents who care for AIDS orphans

50 per cent of the world's AIDS orphans are currently cared for by a grandparent.

We provide financial, emotional and practical support for older people who care for orphaned children and for family members living with AIDS-related illnesses.

By helping an older carer to set up a business, we enable them to better provide for their families. We also provide school uniforms, books and pens to orphaned grandchildren - so that they can get an education.

We help the blind to see

Glasses icon.

We provide free cataract surgeries, eye care programmes and eye-sight tests to older people.

82 per cent of the world's blind people have lost their sight due to cataracts. 75 per cent could have their sight restored through a relatively cheap and simple operation. 

Our 15 minute cataract surgery helped more than 12,000 older people to see, work, communicate, and live independently last year.

We champion age-friendly healthcare

In Tanzania, we have helped over 60 per cent of hosptials to provide staff dedicated to older people.

We train healthcare professionals around the world to improve healthcare for older people.

It’s tough to provide health care when resources, training and funding are limited. In developing countries, staff often lack knowledge regarding the specific age-related healthcare needs of older people.

By helping them to understand the unique needs of the age group - and by providing hospitals and clinics with special tools - we can ensure that older patients get better care.

In Gaza alone, we have trained 174 care givers, medical staff, NGO staff and older people. In Tanzania, about 60 per cent of the regional and district hospitals now have dedicated staff to attend to older people - and a new model for age-friendly health services that our partner developed with two district councils, is being rolled out nationwide.

We lobby for universal healthcare rights

Megaphone, stethescope, and a heart.

Last year the UN recognised that one of the most significant health issues facing the world today are non-communicable diseases – things like cancer, dementia and heart disease.

We are working to highlight the danger of NCDs around the world and to help people in later life to tackle them.

Many older people suffer from age discrimination and are often denied access to healthcare solely on the basis of their age, not their health.

We are calling for a 'Convention on the rights of older people' - so that, not only will organisations and Governments all over the world begin to recognise the unique needs of older people, but also be held accountable for their actions.

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