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Age International healthcare

Millions of older people suffer needlessly from life-threatening but treatable conditions.

Some are forgotten, others ignored simply because they are old. Most live in areas that are a long way away from health clinics; and cannot afford the transport to reach them.

Your donation could pay for


  • 2 mobility aids for better mobility and independence
  • 4 mosquito nets to provide protection from malaria
  • vital visits to the doctor for 10 older people

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Candeado's story

For sick and frail older people like Candeado, walking a few steps can be difficult and painful, let alone walking the 5 miles to the nearest hospital.

Even if he does get to a hospital he’s unlikely to receive treatment. Many doctors and nurses aren’t even trained to help older people. Many others ignore people in later life simply because they are old.

We think this is wrong and we want to do whatever it takes to stop this. Please donate now and help us provide healthcare where it is needed most.

Our healthcare workers visit older people like Candeado.

Our healthcare work includes giving glasses to older people like Candeado - helping him to see again and re-gain his independence.


How does Age International help?

With your help we can provide mobility aids and medical kits, train healthcare workers and carers.


Your support could help us provide mobile medical units - vehicles like vans, boats and even donkeys - to reach vulnerable older people in need.


Your support could mean older people can live a healthy later life. A healthy older person is more likely to escape poverty.


Give now to change a life.


Give to our healthcare work to help older people like Candeado


Age International works in more than 30 of the world’s poorest countries. Our four priorities are: reducing poverty, improving health, claiming rights and providing emergency relief for older people.