Sponsor a Grandparent

For as little as 50p a day, you can help a grandparent who has no one else. You could buy food and clothing and support them. Sponsor a grandparent in one of many countries where Age International works.
Choose a country:

  • Country: Burma (Myanmar)

    Myint can work all day plucking weeds from a paddy field and not earn enough to buy food. Please help her eat – sponsor her today.

  • Country: Colombia

    Hugo works hard but the violence in Colombia has taken his home and his business. You can give him support and security.

  • Country: Ethiopia

    Bekele has no family to take care of him and no means to earn a living. Sponsor him and make sure he’s not forgotten.

  • Country: Haiti

    Yolande lost everything in the Haiti earthquake. Now she’s struggling to survive. You can change her life today.

Raise a Grandchild

For as little as 50p a day, you can support someone who is feeding and caring for their grandchildren alone. It’s so much to cope with when you’re older. But through Age International, you can help raise a grandchild.
Choose a country:

  • Country: Burma (Myanmar)

    Yee has a wife and two very young grandchildren to support and look after. Please help him take care of them.

  • Country: Colombia

    Ediberta was forced from her home. Now she has no means to earn a living and eight grandchildren to feed and care for. Please help her.

  • Country: Ethiopia

    Wagay has five great-grandchildren to raise, feed and clothe. She’s struggling to cope alone – help her raise a grandchild.

  • Country: Haiti

    Oxelus is 70. He's lost his wife and now his grandchildren rely on him. He works all day in the field but it's not enough to feed and clothe them. Help Oxelus care for them all.

How your 50p a day could change lives

You can choose to Sponsor a Grandparent or Raise a Grandchild in one of the many countries where Age International works. With your sponsorship, a grandparent can have help and support to earn a good living, provide for themselves and provide for their families.

As a sponsor, you will:

  • Give a grandparent much-needed support and help them earn money.
  • Fund local projects that help older people live with dignity.
  • Give with confidence – get regular updates from the grandparent you sponsor and see how your money is making a difference.

Your 50p a day can do so much – please start your support now.

Of every £1 you give:

  • 70p

    70p goes straight to project work that will benefit your grandparent and other older people in their community.

  • 30p

    30p goes to other projects in places where the need is greatest.

  • £1

    Every penny of your donation helps older people in developing countries. Our fundraising and administration costs are covered by the profit-making section of Age UK, of which we are a charitable subsidiary.