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Rohingya Crisis Appeal

Over half a million people have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, to escape conflict and violence. Older people have been carried into Bangladesh by their relatives. These refugees are particularly vulnerable to disease and require specialist care. They urgently need your help.

Please, give now to help provide life-saving age-friendly aid

Your donation could pay for


  • a health support team for 2 days
  • a health support team for 4 days
  • half a day’s medical supplies for a mobile medical unit
  • anything you can give will help older refugees

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What is happening

  • Conflict and violence in Myanmar has forced over half a million Rohingya refugees to flee to Bangladesh.
  • These refugees are already some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.
  • Fearing for their lives, thousands have fled their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

Mabia Khtun, 75, was carried ‘through the jungle’ in a blanket. ‘I am unable to walk,’ she explains. According to the UNHCR ‘it is hours since she last drank’ and ‘she is wilting’.

Heavy rains are making an already catastrophic situation even worse – shelters have flooded, and the risk of illness is high. Older people are particularly vulnerable to disease. They desperately need our help.

How Age International is helping

We are working with our partner in Bangladesh to:

  • Run mobile medical units - which are equipped with specialised health teams and essential medical supplies - to reach vulnerable older people affected by this crisis
  • Set up latrines to improve hygiene and sanitation
  • Distribute clean water and hygiene kits to older people and their families

Rohingya carry their sick mother across the boarder from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

Abir Abdullah/Shutterstock