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General FAQs

What does Age International do?

We are the only UK charity focusing on older people in developing countries.

Our vision is of a world in which women and men everywhere can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives as they grow older. We try to achieve this vision by: reducing poverty, improving health, protecting rights and responding to emergencies.

How is Age International different to Age UK?

Age UK is the UK’s leading organisation focusing on the needs of older people. The remit of Age UK is to assist people in later life in the UK. The remit of Age International is to assist older people in developing countries. Age International is a subsidiary charity of Age UK. It is the international branch of Age UK.

What is HelpAge? What makes you different from them?

HelpAge International is two things: a development agency focusing on the needs of older people and a network of ageing organisations across the globe.

Age International is the UK member of the HelpAge global network. We raise awareness and funds in the UK to support the service-delivery work of our partner, HelpAge, in over 40 developing countries.

How is my donation used and how much is spent on charitable work?

If you make an unrestricted donation, it will be spent on one of our four priority areas of work: reducing poverty; improving health and healthcare; protecting rights; and providing age-friendly emergency relief.

If you elect to make a restricted donation (ie for our healthcare work or in response to an emergency appeal), then your donation will be spent on that particular activity.

Only 5.6% of our total income is spent on support costs – the rest is spent on our long-term development, short-term emergency relief, and our influencing, campaigning and communications work.

Any questions?

Our supporter engagement team will be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 032 0699

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Last updated: Aug 16 2018

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