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Ukraine conflict: Staying behind

Many older people are unable or unwilling to leave their homes when an emergency strikes, despite living in fear and being separated from their loved ones. Neonila, 83, decided not to leave her home when conflict broke out in Ukraine - she told us about her experiences.

I am 83. I have lived in this village since 1957. I became a widow two years ago. Now I live with my daughter.

My health is very poor. I only move around the house, with the help of a walking frame, but I’m trying to take care of myself.

I stayed because my health does not allow me to go, and I don’t want to abandon the house.

Over the past two months, my life has changed a lot because of the war and the shelling. I live in fear for myself and for my daughter.

I am separated from my grandchildren. They left for the Czech Republic and I'm very worried for them. I keep in touch with them. There is still an opportunity to talk on the phone.

Fear is always here until peace comes. But there is always hope for the future and faith that peace will come, that everything will be fine.

Neonila | Donetsk

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Last updated: May 30 2022

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