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Cows 'n' Things was an ethical gift scheme run by Age International. Unfortunately, the scheme is no longer running. But don't fret! You can still transform the life of an older person in a developing country with just a few clicks of your mouse - by making a donation to Age International today.

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How we change lives...

Age International helps older people in some of the poorest countries in the world by providing age-friendly aid to developing countries. We give older people the things that they need in order to live with independence and dignity; from providing free cataract operations and distributing walking sticks, glasses and hearing aids - to helping older people claim pensions.

Here are just a few of the ways that a donation to Age international could change lives around the world...

A pair of glasses

Candeado is happy after receiving a new pair of glasses!

"Before, I couldn't do anything for myself. I could barely eat - I couldn't even go to the toilet by myself. A boy had to guide me. Now I can do everything! These glasses have been really great for me.” - Candeado, Mozambique

A fruit tree

Kasuja says that farming is a much better job for an older person.

"Farming is a better job for someone who is older. I grow fruit and vegetables like watermelons, green peppers, and mangoes. My wife and I look after 2 grandchildren. Any income we earn is spent on food, school fees and hospital bills." - Kasuja, Uganda

A shop start-up

We gave Hazoor the money to open her own shop, in Pakistan.

“Before I was so helpless, I couldn't afford my Hepatitis treatment and I had to bear the pain. Age International has made me self-sufficient. I buy my own medicines; I visit the doctor at a big hospital. I even pay my own bus fare.” Hazoor, Pakistan

A cow!

This cow has made a huge difference to 75-year-old Veronica.

"With the money I make from selling the milk, I buy ‘ounga’ flour - and school books and pencils for my grandchildren. I hope they will continue going to school. My job is to guide them and to mentor them to ensure they head in the right direction." - Veronica, Kenya

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