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Help older people receive care

This Christmas, please help us provide care for some of the world's most vulnerable older people.

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Age International is a charity, helping older people to live with dignity
in some of the world's poorest countries

100-year-old Kulle

Help Rohingya refugees

Please help provide vulnerable older people with life-saving aid Donate now...

Refugee camps

Life for elderly Rohingya

The reality for elderly Rohingya refugees living in camps Latest from camps...

Behind the witch hunts

Tanzania witch hunts

Our policy advisor on what's behind the attacks on women Read her blog...

Popup clinic Myanmar

Palliative care webinar

Discussing long term and palliative care in older age More details...

Sponsor a Grandparent is changing

If you are a Sponsor a Grandparent donor, from 30 September, as well as helping the grandparent you have been sponsoring, their wider community and other grandparents or older people in that country, your donations will also help grandparents and other older people in other countries where we work.

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Family in Myanmar

Latest News

Women share personal experiences of elder abuse to mark World Elder Abuse Day
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Cash transfers and older people’s access to healthcare: a multi-country study

Are cash transfers the answer to improving older people's access to healthcare in Africa?
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Entitled to the same rights

Women from 19 countries share personal experiences of elder abuse in order to break the taboo.
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Facing the facts about ageing and international development

Age International's flagship publication draws together 25 high profile thought leaders, development experts and academics to discuss the challenges and oppourtunities posed by our ageing world.
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