• Help a blind person see

    Give the gift of sight - a 30 minute operation will help a blind person see again. Donate today and the UK government will MATCH what you give.

  • Syria: 3 years of war

    As the conflict rages on in Syria, take a look at how we're helping thousands of older refugees who have been forced to flee their homes.

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  • What is aid?

    The UK government has pledged 0.7% of the UK budget to overseas aid. But what does that really mean; what exactly is aid?

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100 million older people around the world are living on less than 60p a day. We help improve older people’s lives and protect them from discrimination and neglect. Find out more about our work...

Did you know?

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    100 million older people around the world are living on less than 60p a day

  • 80%

    8 in 10 older people have to do poorly paid, unsafe or irregular work to survive

  • Grandparent with children icon

    Grandparents care for up to half the world’s children orphaned by AIDS

  • You can help change older people’s lives for the better

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