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Carolina shares a moment with her home-care volunteer, Valdemiso, in Mozambique.

We are Age International. We exist to change the world for older people.

In low and middle income countries around the world, Age International responds to the needs, challenges and opportunities that arise from global ageing, by:

  • Reducing poverty
  • Improving health
  • Protecting and promoting rights
  • Responding to emergencies

We are the UK part of the global HelpAge network. And we are part of Age UK. We take Age UK’s commitment to older people and its substantial expertise and global reputation, and apply it to our global mission.

What we believe

Older people are an asset to their families and communities, making a contribution that is often not recognised. We challenge the stereotype that labels older people as a burden.

But we recognise that later life can be a time of increased vulnerability, and we want to reach and support the most vulnerable older people. We believe that security of income and health, physical safety, and freedom from discrimination in old age are attainable goals, even in the poorest countries.

Our vision

Age International has a vision of a world in which women and men everywhere can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives as they grow older, and can say:

  • I am given the help and information I want in emergencies
  • I have the income I need, and enjoy the best possible health and care
  • My voice is heard by decision makers
  • I am safe and secure, free from all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse

How we achieve change

We achieve change by focusing on international programmes as part of the global HelpAge network. These programmes strengthen older people’s income, health, safety, participation and rights. In the UK we aim to change attitudes, influence decision-makers and change policies.

Age International's strategic objectives

Dr May and an Age International home care volunteer visit a patient in Myanmar.

‘I am given the help and information I want in emergencies’

We will respond to humanitarian emergencies to ensure that older people’s needs are addressed, through our own response, and by influencing others

‘I have the income I need, and enjoy the best possible health and care’

We will support programmes that enable older people to work together to improve their income and health, to support each other and to have their voice heard, improving the income and health of older women and men equally.

We will support programmes that influence governments in low and middle income countries to meet the needs of the most vulnerable older people, focusing on pensions, non-communicable diseases, care and dementia.

‘My voice is heard by decision makers’

We will ensure that the UK Government’s international development objectives, targets and measures reflect the impact of global ageing.

We will mobilise UK public support and influence among opinion formers and decision-makers to increase awareness of, and respond to, global ageing.

‘I am safe and secure, free from all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse’

We will work for a transformation in attitudes towards ageing and older people, and will contribute to a renewed global movement working towards a UN Convention

Building evidence, leveraging Age UK expertise and demonstrating what works:

We will build evidence of impact and effectiveness in livelihoods, health, emergencies, gender and disability, and utilise Age UK expertise in research, care and dementia. We will develop distinctive expertise in which we will lead for the HelpAge network.

We will support these with ambitious fundraising, media and communications work

We will set targets for income and programme growth, and for audiences reached by our media and communications work.

Age International strategy

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“Age International”; “we”; or “us” means the Age UK Network which includes Age UK’s group of companies and national partners (Cymru, Scotland and NI). We also work closely with local Age UKs. You can change your mind at any time by emailing or calling 0800 032 0699. Please see our privacy policy for further information on how your data is used and stored. We will never sell your data.

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