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Asekon is the sole carer for nine orphaned children and she also looks after her two great-grandchildren. Like many grandparents, Asekon has no pension and struggles to earn a living to feed herself and her family.

By giving as little as 16p a day, you could help older people like Asekon access life-saving essentials like food, clothes and shelter. Give now, and help to ease their burden.

What your monthly gift could achieve


  • Could pay for medical supplies for an older person every month
  • Could buy an older person three meals a day for a month
  • Could buy mattresses, pillows & sheets for 3 older people each month
  • Any amount you can give will help us be there for older people day in, day out

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100 million older people are struggling to survive on less than 60p a day. Your donations could help:

  • Give older people low-interest loans so they can set up small businesses to help themselves and their families
  • Give out cash so older people can spend money on what they need
  • Carry out free cataract operations
  • Get older people to health clinics
  • Feed older people in day centres
  • Set up Older People’s Associations so older people can meet other older people and feel less isolated

Grandmother Askeon in Kenya.

Grandmother Askeon (pictured) says: 'It is hard to bring up my grandchildren. I want them to go to school to learn and get a good job.'