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Sponsor a grandparent in Kenya

90-year-old Stephen lives with his wife, Veronica. Together, they care for six grandchildren. They also look after one of their grown-up sons who is epileptic and unable to work because he often has epileptic fits.

They don’t have much land, so their main income comes from milking their cow. The money they make from selling the milk just about covers their daily expenses.

Sponsor a Kenyan grandparent like Stephen


  • a month could cover an older person’s water, electricity & rent
  • could pay for monthly home-visits to a housebound older person
  • a month could pay for medical consultations & medication for 6
  • Make an even more generous monthly gift

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How your 16p a day could change lives

From as little as 16p a day, you could change a grandparent’s life. With your sponsorship, a grandparent can have help and support to earn a good living, provide for themselves and their families.

As a sponsor, you will:

  • Give a grandparent much-needed support 
  • Fund local projects that help older people live with dignity
  • Get regular updates from the grandparent you sponsor

Your 16p a day can do so much – please sponsor now.

Sponsor a grandparent like Stephen, shown here with his wife, in Kenya.

“I’m happy to have the family around me. Besides, there’s nowhere for them to go anyway! I hope my grandchildren will continue going to school. My job is to guide them and to mentor them to ensure they head in the right direction.” (Veronica, Stephen’s wife)