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Sponsor a grandparent in Myanmar

64-year-old Daw Mu Nuang and her husband care for three grandchildren, two of whom are severely disabled. Daw Mu Nuang and her husband worry about what will happen when they grow too old to provide for their grandchildren.

Daw Mu Nuang works in the fields as a casual labourer and sells fish door-to-door in order to support her family. This income isn’t enough to cover her daily expenses.

Sponsor a Burmese grandparent like Mu Nuang


  • a month could cover an older person’s water, electricity & rent
  • could pay for monthly home-visits to a housebound older person
  • a month could pay for medical consultations & medication for 6
  • Make an even more generous monthly gift

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How your 16p a day could change lives

From as little as 16p a day, you could change a grandparent’s life. With your sponsorship, a grandparent can have help and support to earn a good living, provide for themselves and their families.

As a sponsor, you will:

  • Give a grandparent much-needed support 
  • Fund local projects that help older people live with dignity
  • Get regular updates from the grandparent you sponsor

Your 16p a day can do so much – please sponsor now.

Sponsor a grandparent and transform the life of an older person like grandma Naung, who lives in Myanmar.

“It’s difficult to have hope. If I had a little money I would open a small shop in front of the house so that my youngest granddaughter could work there and have a brighter future.”