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In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan crashed into the Philippines, leaving a trail of unimagineable destruction and thousands dead. In the hours and days after the disaster, we made sure that older people had food, shelter and medical attention.

One year on and we've helped thousands of older people with new storm resistant houses, counselling, small business support and solar radios that transmit disaster warnings.

'It's been like starting a new life'

We rebuilt Pelagia's house

Age International helped 86-year-old Pelagia to build a new home - one that would be safer for her if a disaster were to strike again.

'My old house had a roof made of coconut leaves and the walls and floors were made of bamboo and piled logs. Now my house is comfortable - it has a galvanized iron roof and plywood walls.

The typhoon has changed my life because I am now living in a safer house in a new location. It’s been like starting a new life.'

Thank you for this blessing

Hilaria with the new sewing machine we bought for her

Great-grandmother Hilaria is a tailor by trade. The 84-year-old lost her home and her sewing machine in the disaster, which was her only way to make a living. We helped her to get a new machine and all the parts she needed.

'When the school term started again, I made some good sales from sewing children’s uniforms. I earned enough income to make some new items for my home like seat covers and curtains. I also bought materials to fix my house such as more galvanized iron sheeting,' she says.

'I have been teaching my daughter how to sew. I am glad she already has an interest in tailoring. She may continue what I have started.'

Where has your money gone?

You donated an incredible £1,934,101 to our emergency appeals. Thank you! So far, we have spent £1,901,733 on: 

Food Our food packs (distributed in the days and weeks immediately after the disaster) were light - easy to carry and to open. Queues for aid had special express lines for the over 60s.

Shelter Shelter packs helped older people and their families to stay sheltered and safe in the early days of the recovery process.

Counselling Our psychosocial support has helped thousands of traumatised older people build back their confidence and feel safe again.  

Earning a living We helped people like Hilaria to restart their businesses after they lost what they owned in the typhoon.   

Building back better We have re-built thousands of houses - building them on stilts to make them safer in the event of flooding.  

Warning systems Solar powered radios keep older people company - and provide them with life-saving emergency warnings and advice.

An older lady with her grandchildren in the Philippines

My trip to the Philippines

See what happened when we visited the Philippines 1 year after Haiyan.

Our work so far

Age International's partners on the ground in the Philippines have produced a report to mark the amazing work that Age International has supported:

Download HelpAge International's report 'Typhoon Haiyan one year on' (PDF, 2MB - link opens in a new window)

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