Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Thousands of older people - like 77 year old Anacleta - have had their lives devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Too frail to reach aid centres. No home. Nowhere to go. They are at risk.

Age International is currently delivering food, shelter and essential supplies directly to older people hit by the typhoon. We need your help to reach more. You can make sure older people are not forgotten.

How your donation will help

  • Could provide four emergency food packages
  • Could provide four emergency packs containing blankets, mosquito nets, torches and medicine
  • Could provide building materials for an emergency shelter
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Why support Age International?

We are the only UK charity to specifically focus on the needs and rights of older people in emergencies in developing countries. Older people are most likely to be pushed aside in the scramble for food or aid - they are often the most vulnerable but often the most forgotten. We work to make sure that older people in emergencies are never forgotten.

What happened in the Philippines?

“There are no structures standing. It was like a tsunami... I don't know how to describe what I saw. It's horrific.” - Mar Roxas, the Philippines

Super-typhoon Haiyan crashed into the Philippines in the early hours of 8 November. It was the deadliest storm to ever make landfall, anywhere in the world.

Now, hundreds of thousands of older people are homeless and incredibly vulnerable. Although we have already helped thousands of older people affected by the typhoon, the scale of the disaster was enormous, and so many more still need our help. Please help now.

Older people are particularly vulnerable

Older women and men are the ones least able to flee quickly and the ones most likely to need support in a disaster.

Frail older people cannot run; they cannot carry possessions – such as blankets and clothes to keep themselves warm and dry. They cannot queue for long periods for aid. They cannot rebuild their homes alone.

They need specialist attention during emergencies – but in reality, they are often forgotten, overlooked and invisible.

With your help, we can reach older people like Anacleta 

Right now, we are on the ground in the Philippines, working closely with our overseas partners HelpAge and the Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) to help older people begin to re-build their lives:

- Our food packs in plastic bags are easily opened by older people and easy to carry home

- We have set up 'express lines' for people over 60 who can't stand for long periods, when we distribute aid

- Our cash transfers are helping older people who live in the rubble of their homes, to re-build

- We have organised support for extremely vulnerable and traumatised older people

But so much more needs to be done.

What can you do?

Please donate to our Haiyan Typhoon Appeal now - so we can continue to support older people. Don't let them be forgotten.

donate now

Any income not spent after twelve months after the appeal launch may be allocated to another emergency situation that requires our support.

Anacleta outside her ruined home