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Syria Refugee Appeal

The UN has described the current crisis in Syria as the world’s worst refugee crisis for twenty years. But the situation is worsening still. Please make a donation now to help older Syrian refugees.

Your donation could pay for


  • A blood pressure gauge to monitor hypertension
  • Prevent and treat diabetes for 2 older people
  • Trauma counselling from a psychologist for 2 months
  • Any amount you can give will help

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Shayma’s story

Shayma, 60, fled to Lebanon with her 80 year-old husband. Her leg was badly injured during the bombing and she needs an operation.

Her husband is suffering deep psychological distress and is unable to talk properly.

Thanks to support like yours we are reaching thousands of older people, but the crisis continues to worsen. There appears to be no end in sight to this vicious conflict.

Please give £10, or whatever you can, to help an older person like Shayma.

What are we doing?

There are no United Nations agencies and very few other organisations dedicated to older people. But we are here – the only UK charity focusing on the needs of older people – and we need your help.

This situation would be difficult for anyone, but imagine what it is like for older people like Shayma, a refugee in a foreign country.

To get aid, they must queue for hours – sometimes they are pushed out of the way. And if they are lucky enough to reach the front of the queue, they are given packages that are too heavy to carry, difficult to open and contain food they find hard to digest.

Age International is providing essential medical equipment,ensuring health centres are able to detect and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and running counselling and activity sessions to help treat depression and anxiety.

But we urgently need funds so that we can continue our work and help more vulnerable older people. Please help today.

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Syrian refugee with dementia

Shayma feld from Syria to Lebanon and was injured by a bomb


An older refugee in the Za'atari camp, in her wheelchair. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed