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Help older people receive care

70-year-old Fikru had a fall a few years ago and became bed-ridden. Fikru receives daily visits from a home-based carer who brings him food and medicine, provides him companionship and helps him out of the house.

This Christmas, you could offer the gift of a home-based carer to some of the world's most vulnerable older people. 

Your donation could pay for:


  • a crutch or walking stick to help someone like Fikru
  • training for two home-based carers
  • a cataract operation to restore an older person's sight
  • any amount you can give will help an older person in poverty

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Older people like Fikru need our help

Many older people in the world’s poorest countries are struggling every day to fulfil even the simplest tasks on their own.

Unable to travel far to reach clinics on their own, to bear the heat in long queues, or even to pay for their medicine, they end up confined to their homes suffering in silence.

How could my donation help an older person?

Age International supports vital healthcare services in some of the poorest countries in Africa and around the world to help older people live in better health.

Your donation could help us:

  • Train carers to visit vulnerable older people in their homes
  • Deliver crutches and walking sticks to help older people walk again
  • Pay for cataract operations to restore an older person’s sight

Project examples are illustrative of Age International’s programme and donations will be used to support Age International’s work worldwide, where the need is greatest.

Fikru in Ethiopia received the healthcare support he needed.

A fall cost Fikru his livelihood, his independence and his dignity.

'I want to be healthy, I want to walk and to work!' Fikru, 70