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Help her to see a doctor...

This Christmas, you could offer the gift of a doctor’s check-up to some of the world’s most vulnerable older people.

Your donation could pay for:


  • a doctor to run a pop-up clinic in a community for one day
  • a health kit, with enough medicine to treat a whole village
  • doctors to run pop-up clinics in five different communities
  • any amount you can give will help an older person in poverty

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Older people like Daw Thein need our help

Many older people in the world’s poorest countries have lived for years without diagnosis or treatment, despite the illnesses they endure.

Too poor to pay for a doctor and too weak to travel to the hospital, older people like Daw Thein suffer in silence.

Daw Thein was able to attend a pop-up clinic in her village and she finally received the treatment she desperately needed, but we need to reach more older people.

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How could my donation help an older person?

Age International takes healthcare to those who need it most. We send doctors to run pop-up clinics in the most remote communities to treat vulnerable older people like Daw Thein, some for the very first time.

Your donation could help us:

  • Train doctors and volunteers for older people care
  • Provide fully-stocked health kits to communities in need of medicine
  • Send doctors to run pop-up clinics in remote villages
  • Deliver age-friendly aids such as glasses and walking sticks

Donate now

Donate and help someone like Daw Thein to see a doctor.

90-year-old Daw Thein suffered heart failure a few years ago. She lives in Myanmar and is too poor to visit a doctor. Today she is frail, malnourished and can no longer speak.