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Dima eats a meal with her grandchildren, during the East Africa food crisis.

Millions of people face starvation in East Africa. We are getting food to vlunerable older people like 73-year-old Dima, pictured above. Read more about the crisis and our response.

What happened?

  • There is a serious drought across East Africa - which includes Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Kenya
  • Crops have failed, animals have died, and wells have dried up  
  • In South Sudan, drought has been made worse by 3 years of conflict. Violence has forced thousands to flee from their homes and driven farmers from their land

£30 could feed two older people, for a month >

How are older people affected by the food crisis?

  • Older people can’t travel long distances in search of food and water. Some are being left behind by their families
  • 73% of older people in East Africa are farmers – who are among the hardest hit by this crisis
  • Older people have specialist nutritional needs and require age-friendly aid

£40 could buy drought-resistant seeds for 2 older farmers >

Age International's emergency response in East Africa

Distributing food packages to older people in East Africa, following drought.

Pictured: distributing food in Ethiopia

Age International helps older people to survive emergencies; we seek out the most vulnerable and provide age-friendly emergency aid. We are currently:

  • Getting food to malnourished older people
  • Giving out cash and vouchers so they can get clean water and medicine

Dima, who has been helped by your donations to Age International East Africa Crisis

Pictured: 73-year-old Dima has been helped to buy food

Dima cooks haricot beans in Ethiopia

Pictured: Dima cooking the haricot beans which your donations helped her to buy

We have been working in this region for a number of years, and have also:

  • Provided drought-resistant seeds so farmers can regrow their crops
  • Run a livestock exchange scheme so older people can sell their weak animals
  • Repaired wells and land-pumps
  • Trained humanitarian staff on the needs of older people

We are currently reaching older people in:

  • Ethiopia
  • South Sudan
  • Kenya 

£120 could buy clean water for a family for 6 months >

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