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Older man smiles in the Philippines (c) Peter Caton

Since Typhoon Haiyan crashed into the Philippines in November 2013, we have provided nearly 80,000 services to help older people re-build their lives.

In the first few weeks and months after the disaster, we helped older people with emergency food packs and other life-saving aid.

A family from Villaba in the Philippines with their food package (c) Peter Caton

Pictured: A family opens their food package, during the initial aftermath of the disaster.

An older man carries a food package, in the Philippines (c) Peter Caton

Pictured: All of our food packages are easy to carry and open - even if you are frail or have arthritic hands.

One of our age-friendly food packages, in the Philippines

Pictured: Inside an emergency pack - nutritious food that is easy to chew and digest.

Since the disaster, we have helped 20,000 older people to get healthcare, including sending doctors and nurses on motorbikes to visit older people in their own homes, in remote areas.

'He's so happy people are visiting him'

82-year-old Eleuterio is paralysed and has arthritis. We sent nurses to his home to change his cathether, check his blood pressure and provide basic homecare. 'He is so happy people are visitng him and asking him how he is feeling,' says his wife. Watch the video to learn more.

Five million homes were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. Since the disaster, we have helped to re-build thousands of homes, building them on stilts to make them safer during floods.

'I'm very thankful for this house'

We taught carpentry skills to hundereds of villagers; giving them tools and materials so that they could help to re-build their homes or those of their more frail neighbours.

Building new houses for older people in the Philippines, after typhoon Haiyan.

Pictured: We've built 1000s of houses for older people like Paulita, a 68 year old widow.

The typhoon didn't only destroy homes - it also destroyed millions of people's jobs - by taking away their businesses, their possessions and ruining their crops.

'Thank you for this blessing'

Great-grandmother Hilaria is a tailor by trade. The 84-year-old lost her sewing machine in the disaster. It was her only way to make a living.

Age International has helped Hilaria to get a new machine and materials, so that she can sew again. 'I have been teaching my daughter how to sew,' she says 'I am glad she already has an interest in tailoring. She may continue what I have started.'

84-year-old Hilaria shows us her new sewing machine, in the Philippines.

Pictured: Hilaria loves her new sewing machine. She makes and sells school uniforms.

Typhoon Haiyan tore down tens of thousands of coconut trees, ruining the crops of many older coconut farmers. Unfortunately, coconut trees take decades to grow back. So, Age International has helped by providing older farmers with different ways to earn a living.

Collecting tomatoes in the communal garden. Crops are sold at market.

Pictured: We set up a communal vegatable garden. Crops are sold at market for a profit.

Communal gardening in the Philippines

Pictured: Peanut crops and aubergines, harvested from the communal garden.

Preparing for tomorrow

We can't prevent natural disasters. But we can try to be as prepared for them as possible, and take simple steps reduce their impact.

 Age International handed out solar-powered radios to 16,000 older people after the disaster in the Philippines.

The radios help older people living in remote rural areas to stay connected, and they broadcast warnings about incoming natural disasters - giving older people time to prepare or flee.

Radios keep older people connected and warn of future disasters

Pictured: A happy crowd receives our solar-powered radios.

Our response in numbers:
  • Over 20,00 older people were helped to get healthcare
  • More than 1,100 helped to get food
  • 4,000 helped to earn a living
  • 5,500 taught to prepare for natural disasters
  • 5,300 given ID cards so they could access payments from the government
  • 14,800 taught about their rights and entitlements
  • 16,000 reached through radio broadcasts

Find out more about how older people were affected by Typhoon Haiyan and our work in the Philippines. Report: Philippines relief one year on


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