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Abdur lives in a make-shift camp after fleeing Myanmar

Rohingya refugees have been fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape life-threatening conflict and violence. Age International is working to provide age-friendly emergency relief to older refugees.

  • More than half million Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh, to escape life-threatening violence
  • Now they are living in terrible conditions, in make-shift camps
  • Some older people - too frail to walk - have been carried for miles. They are traumatised, exhausted and in desperate need of support.

More than half a million Rohingya people have fled from Myanmar, in an exodus described as ‘catastrophic’ by the UN. 

£32 could pay for a health support team for 2 days >

In order to escape life-threatening violence, they have crossed the border into Bangladesh, and are living in vast make-shift camps which are crowded and dirty, with toilets so shallow that they are overflowing into people's living spaces. 


These are already some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people – they have arrived in Bangladesh exhausted, traumatised, and able to carry almost nothing with them.

Thousands of the refugees are older people. Some of those too frail to walk are being carried for miles by their families. They are extremely vulnerable to illness and disease and they need specialist aid.

£115 could pay for half a day’s medical supplies >

Age International supporting refugees with healthcare and age-friendly spaces

Country Director of Bangladesh speaks to older people about their needs

Pictured: Rabeya, Country Director for Bangladesh, speaks to older people about their needs

Age International and its partners are committed to supporting older people in emergencies.

In Bangladesh, we are supporting our partner to distribute winter clothes and set up age-friendly spaces for older people in Balukhali 2 camp, in Cox's Bazar.

£64 could pay for a health support team for 4 days >

Age-friendly spaces are a refuge for older people, where they can feel safe and find the practical and emotional support they need.

At our age-friendly spaces, older people will be able to:

  • Access specialist healthcare, provided by medical staff trained in older people's needs
  • Receive counselling for the trauma that they have experienced
  • Access latrines designed for people with mobility problems
  • Drink clean water

As always, we will continue to advocate for the rights of older people and help other agencies to become more age-friendly in their responses. We desperately need funds to reach vulnerable older people. Please, donate now

Why do older people need specialist aid?

Older people are extremely vulnerable to illness and disease. They often struggle to walk to the distribution centres to access the medication they need or cannot stand in queues for long periods of time. When aid is delivered, older people are often pushed aside and left empty-handed. 

Rohingya crisis: most recent news and updates

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