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Fatema receives help following floods in Bangladesh in 2009.

We are responding to the floods in Bangladesh by providing family hygiene kits and emergency cash transfers to those affected.

What happened?

  • Across Northern India, Southern Nepal and Bangladesh, heavy monsoon rains have caused floods and landslides affecting more than 16 million people
  • More than 800 people have been killed, millions have been displaced and their crops destroyed. In all three countries there is growing concern of food shortages and disease due to polluted waters
  • It has been described it as becoming one of the worst regional humanitarian crises in years.

How older people are affected

In emergencies, older people are particularly vulnerable to disease especially when malnourished. When aid is delivered, they can be pushed aside when queuing for food, water or medical assistance.

Older men and women are less able to flee quickly and travel long distances when becoming displaced from their homes, and face the risk of being separated from their families.  

During emergencies, Age International makes sure that older people are not forgotten by providing age-friendly aid and advising other organisations how to make aid more age-friendly.

Our response

Age International is working with its partner organisation, HelpAge International and Relief International in Bangladesh. Together, we are:

  • Providing family hygiene kits to 8,000 people, which includes water jerry cans, so older people and their families can protect themselves from disease and drinking dirty water
  • Giving out emergency cash transfers to 8,000 people, so they can buy food, medicine and materials to repair their homes 
  • Supporting other organisations to focus on the specific needs of older people and those with disabilities.

Older people in emergencies

During emergencies, older people are particularly vulnerable to injury, death and disease.

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