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Refugee from Syria with a paralysed leg, lies on a mattress.


Discover how Age International helps older refugees, and how you can get involved.

Forced to flee their home and country, unable to work, penniless and vulnerable – the older refugees who are fleeing Syria are desperate.

Age International is helping older Syrian refugees in Lebanon with:

  • Life-saving healthcare
  • Pyscological support for trauma

Life as an older Syrian refugee: 'How can a human kill his human brother?'

Ahmad Hassan, 58, was a farmer in Syria. "We came [to Lebanon] to escape the war in Syria, because we didn't take a side” he says."How can a human kill his human brother?"

Over 4.8m Syrians have fled their country. More than 1m have gone to Lebanon - where 1 in 4 people is a Syrian refugee. We estimate that 5% of those refugees are older people, like Ahmad.

58-year-old Syrian refugee Ahmad sits with his grandchildren.

Pictured: 58-year-old Ahmad suffers from depression. He sits with his grandchildren in his new home.

Life as an older refugee is hard.

"Everything is bad,” Ahmad says. He is in poor health, and depressed.

“If I want to go to the bathroom, I need two people to help me reach it. There's no money to get treated and get better."

61% of Syrian refugees report depression or anxiety, with 89% of them saying this impairs their ability to function daily.

Age International helps distressed older Syrian refugees by providing conselling to older people traumatised by conflict and displacement.

Making sure older refugees get the healthcare they need

55-year-old Khalifa with her patient card, at one of our refugee health clinics in Lebanon.

Pictured: Khalifa, 55, visits our health clinic. “I like coming here, I feel safe”, she says while clutching her patient card.

Chronic disease is the leading cause of death in Lebanon, and the help to fight this is severely lacking: there is no health education for patients; healthcare staff are overworked and under-trained; facilities are not designed for older people; and there is no proper monitoring of chronic diseases.

Drugs and diagnostic services are expensive – 87% of Syrian refugees are unable to afford the medicines they need.

Age International has helped 53-year-old Fetim to get life-saving medication and lab tests for free. "I used to have difficulties moving around," she says "But now with the help I received, I am able to walk and be more active”.

For vulnerable older people who are unable to walk, we take healthcare to them in mini-vans stocked with medicines and staffed by healthcare professionals.

Age International's healthcare van helps older Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Pictured: Our healthcare vans take healthcare to where it's needed most

A look inside our healthcare van, helping older Syrian refugees.

Pictured: Inside one of our healthcare vans.

The older refugees that we speak to dream of one-day returning home. Luhaya, a 75-year-old refugee, tells us: "If god wills it, we will return to Syria."

Meanwhile, thanks to your generosity, Age International will continue to do all we can in order to support these vulnerable older refugees through this trauma.

Our work with Syrian refugees

• Training healthcare staff on the needs of older people
• Supporting 9 primary healthcare centres and 4 mobile medical units
• Providing drugs and medical equipment to treat chronic diseases
• Upgrading healthcare facilities to make them more accessible for older patients
• Carrying out education campaigns to focus on the prevention of chronic diseases
• Providing counselling to older people traumatised by conflict and displacement

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