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Daw Mya Ichin receives her first non bamboo walking stick

We give out glasses, walking sticks and hearing aids in some of the poorest countries in the world. To help older people to see. To help them to hear. And to help them to walk again.

Losing your sight or ability to walk can mean losing your independence. But something as simple as a pair of glasses can change an older person's life.

'Eyesight is everything'

Thanks to his new glasses U Myint Shwe can read with this grandson

Pictured: 66-year-old Myint can read with his grandson again, thanks to his new glasses

U Myint Shwe didn't realise the impact that losing his sight would have on him. 'Eyesight is everything,' he says. 'I only understood the value of vision when I lost it.' For Myint, a pair of glasses made all the difference.

'Now I can work on my farm, I can plough my land; I can help my family to harvest. I can read to my grandchildren and help them to learn. It’s perfect.'

We also help people with severe problems such as cataracts, with operations to restore their sight. But it's not just sight problems we help people with ...

'Now I can hear my granddaughter's cry'

Saw Thar Sae, 67 years old, with granddaughter

Pictured: Saw Thar can hear his granddaughter, thanks to his new hearing aid

We gave Saw Thar Sae, a 67-year-old farmer in Myanmar, a hearing aid. 'Now I can hear my granddaughter’s cry,' he says.

'We are going to visit neighbouring villages to sing songs tonight. Now I can sing songs and enjoy music again. I'm so happy to have this device.'

'Thank you for this walking stick'

Getting her walking stick

Pictured: Daw Mya receives a walking stick, which will help her to regain her independence

Daw Mya Ichin is 81, and lives in a remote community in Myanmar. 'I’ll use this to help me walk,' she says. 'It will help me to bathe and walk around the house.'

'I'm so happy to get this! Tonight I'll say a prayer for you, a prayer that your life will be strong, like this stick is strong.'

When disaster strikes

Tarka smiles with her new glasses in Nepal

Pictured: Tarka received a pair of glasses following the Nepal earthquake

Tarka, 67, visited an eyecare camp we set up after the earthquake in Nepal. Here, she received her first ever eye test, and got a new pair of glasses. 'With my new glasses, everything is much clearer,' she says. 'I can walk safely and even do very minute tasks!'

Like Tarka, older people who flee a disaster often barely escape with their lives, let alone their posessions.

We make sure they have everything they need - including wheelchairs, walking sticks, glasses and hearing aids.

A doctor treating an older man at home

Hospitals that come to you

When an older person can't get to a doctor, we help the doctor come to them.

Our mobile clinics

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