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Help older people with a regular gift

Today, 100 million older people are struggling to survive on less than 60p a day. Sadly, this number is growing every year.

A monthly gift from you today could:


  • a month over a year, could help provide a small business loan
  • feed an older person with three meals a day for a month
  • pay for someone to have a cataract operation each month
  • Any amount you can give will help us be there for older people day in, day out

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Who is Age International?

Age International is a charity dedicated to the needs and rights of older people in developing countries – we focus on helping older people get the vital services they need in some of the poorest countries around the world.

How could my donation help an older person?

Your donations could help:

  • Give older people loans so they can set up small businesses to help themselves and their families
  • Help older people access the pension they are entitled to
  • Carry out free cataract operations and provide glasses, walking sticks, hearing aids and wheelchairs
  • Help older people travel to health clinics and get essential medicines or bring the health clinic to older people when they’re too frail to travel
  • Provide age-friendly aid when emergencies strike
  • Champion the rights of older people so they are recognised and valued within their families and communities

Your donations will be used to support Age International’s work worldwide where the need is greatest.

Joseph stands in his shop, in Kenya.

Joseph is 70 years old, disabled, and an entrepreneur. He runs a small shop and uses the profits to support his 100-year-old mother, Anna, who is blind.

Age International invested in Joseph by giving him a small loan, which he used to start his shop business. Joseph pays back a small amount of interest to his local community – and they use the money to help other older people in need.

‘The recent drought that affected some people did not affect my family since I have this business. If I hadn’t received the loan, I don’t know how we would have survived.’

Please help others like Joseph today.