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Rohingya Crisis Appeal

Over half a million people like Kulle have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, to escape violence. Please, give now and help provide older people with life-saving aid.

Your donation could pay for


  • a blanket for an older refugee
  • life-saving medicines for older people
  • diagnosis of an older refugee who is sick
  • anything you can give will help older refugees

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Who is Age International?

Age International is a charity dedicated to the needs and rights of older people in developing countries – we focus on helping older people get the vital services they need in some of the poorest countries around the world.

Age International is also a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). We specialise in helping older people to survive emergencies just like this one; we have been helping older refugees with age-friendly aid since the 1960s.

How could my donation help an older person?

  • Free cataract operations to restore sight to vulnerable refugees
  • Specialised health teams reaching older people with essential medical supplies
  • Latrines and hand-washing stations to improve hygiene and sanitation
  • Blankets, coats and other life-saving items for older people and their families

Kulle is 100 years old and a Rohingya refugee. She struggles to move around the camps and she is sick.

Thousands of older people are living in makeshift tents made from whatever materials are at hand. Often, these shelters are no more than wooden frames covered in plastic sheets. They are inadequate for the cold winter months ahead.

Older people are particularly vulnerable to disease and require specialist care. They urgently need your help.