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Contact us or call us
on 0800 032 0699

Contact us or call us
on 0800 032 0699

An older man carrying a young girl on his back in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

Help provide life-saving support to older people in Afghanistan.

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One-off donation

Donation examples above are representative of what older people could buy with the cash assistance they will receive.

"The worst humanitarian crisis on earth."

David Beasley, Executive Director of The UN World Food Programme

Afghanistan is suffering its worst drought in almost 30 years and, as hunger and malnutrition reach record levels, more than 8.7 million people are on the brink of famine.

Please donate today to help older people and their families in Afghanistan.

What is the impact on older people?

Older people in Afghanistan have already lived through 40 years of conflict and economic crisis and are facing unique challenges in this current crisis.

How your donation could help

Together, with our partner on the ground in Afghanistan, we have developed an emergency cash relief programme that is getting aid quickly to the older people who need it most.

Your donation could enable older people and their families to buy lifesaving necessities such as:

  • Food, for themselves and their families
  • Clean water and hygiene products
  • Essential medicines and healthcare

"The worst feeling is needing to eat but having no money for food."

You can help people like Wakil support his family and prepare for further hardship. 

Read Wakil's Story

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would prefer to donate by telephone, please do not hesitate to call our friendly helpline on 0800 032 0699.

Read more frequently asked questions

Age International is raising money together with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for the Afghanistan Crisis Appeal. The DEC is a consortium of 15 aid member charities working together in times of disasters and emergencies. For more information on the DEC and our fellow member agencies please visit the DEC website. Any income not spent after twelve months past the end of the appeal may be allocated to another emergency situation that requires our support.

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