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Contact us or call us
on 0800 032 0699

Contact us or call us
on 0800 032 0699

Older people in Gaza desperately need your help

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One-off donation

Will you donate today to help older people in Gaza?

Since Saturday 7th October, more than 30,000 people have been killed and many more wounded in Gaza. Homes, schools, hospitals and telecommunication systems have been destroyed.

Over a million people, including many thousands of older people, have been forced to flee their homes. Access to electricity, fuel, food and water has become extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

People in Gaza are in urgent need of medical assistance, shelter, clean water and food.  

Older people are especially at risk

The situation is catastrophic for everyone in Gaza right now. Older people are facing unique challenges and are among those most at risk, but despite this, their needs are often ignored or forgotten.

How your donation could help older people and their families                                                                             

We are working with our local partners on an emergency response plan to deliver assistance to older people in Gaza, as soon as it is safe to do so.

This support could include:

  • Cash transfers for older people so that they can buy the things they, and their families, need
  • Emergency shelters for older people and their families who have been displaced or lost their homes  
  • Food tailored to the needs of older people as well as clean water  
  • Medical assistance for older people and homebased care for those unable to leave their homes
  • Mental health support for older people so that they can start to process the trauma

We can’t do it without people like you. Please donate today to help ensure older people are not forgotten.

About Age International

Age International is the only UK based charity focused on helping older people living in some of the most challenging situations around the world to live better lives.

Working with trusted, local partners, we enable older people to secure their rights, to access better healthcare and to have income security. When disaster strikes, we help ensure that older people get the tailored support they need.  

We are Age UK’s international charity and the UK member of the HelpAge Network, a global group of organisations which works to improve the lives of older people around the world.

Why Age International is working in Gaza and not Israel

This appeal has been launched in response to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. Age International is a humanitarian organisation which abides by the key principles of international humanitarian law: impartiality, neutrality, independence and humanity. ‘Humanity’ means that Age International must focus on where the suffering and need is greatest. There is a massive need to get emergency support to older people in Gaza, and this will be our immediate priority. The Government of Israel has not requested international humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of its citizens affected by the current conflict. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would prefer to donate by telephone, please do not hesitate to call our friendly supporter care team on 0800 032 0699.

Age International is raising money for our Gaza Humanitarian Appeal, to support our work with older people and their families affected by the crisis in Gaza. Donation examples are representative of the assistance that older people could receive. Any income not spent after twelve months past the end of the appeal may be allocated to another emergency situation that requires our support. 

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