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East Africa Crisis

The on-going drought has killed livestock and dried up water sources, leaving East Africa facing the worst food crisis for 30 years. Millions are in urgent need of food aid and we must act now before it is too late. Donate now and help us reach vulnerable older people without food, water and livestock.

Your donation could buy a...


  • food package for one, for a month
  • drought-resistant seeds for a farmer
  • clean water for a family for 3 months
  • Any amount you can give will help

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Older people are extremely vulnerable

  • 4.9 million people in South Sudan are in dire need of food
  • 100,000 are starving to death including many older people

Too many older people in East Africa are struggling without enough food to survive. They are suffering from malnutrition because they have no protein-rich food like eggs, meat or milk.

How will my donation help older people?

Your donation could help us to:

  • Provide food to malnourished older people
  • Ensure older people have access to safe water
  • Train healthcare staff in refugee camps
  • Distribute drought-resistant seeds for planting

We provide life-saving aid that is specifically designed for older people. But we urgently need your help to save the most vulnerable older people.

Please, donate today and help an older person in crisis.

Donate now

75-year-old Hamimi in Ethiopia desperately needs food. Help her today.

"I remember having enough food. Three years ago, the rainfall stopped. The greenery outside my house turned into bare dry land." Hamimi, 75, in Ethiopia 


90-year-old Galgalo is in desperate need of food, because of the drought in Africa

"This landscape used to be fertile - blessed with reliable rainfall. The homes of hardworking farmers like mine were plentiful with milk and food. Now the land is barren... the cattle are weak and dying."  Galgalo, 90, in Ethiopia