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Social Protection

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Life for older people and their families is full of risks and shocks. Social protection is an investment in a country’s future, and programmes such as universal social pensions are vital for ensuring that people of all ages lead secure and healthy lives.

Ensuring income security in old age

Armando Barrientos, Professor and Research Director at the Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, discusses the importance of ensuring income security in old age.

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Older women: the hidden workforce

Globally, older women are contributing unrecognised yet critical support to their families, communities and economies through their paid and unpaid work. Our new report gives voice to older women’s experience of work and sets out recommendations for how to address this inequality.

Social pension for all older persons in the Philippines

Cash transfers and older people’s access to healthcare

This study documents how older people use cash transfers to access health services in situations where healthcare is limited and resources are scarce.

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