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How we spend money

We publish all our financial information, including CEO salary, in our annual report. Download it here or see our online breakdown - and discover how your donations are transforming lives.  

Our latest annual report and annual review

How we spend money

A square pie chart showing £14.35m was spent on humanitarian relief, £1.00m on UK fundraising and donor support, £5.50m on development programmes and support for HelpAge International, and £0.96m on facilities and staff

We spend the majority of our income on development projects and emergency relief. The above graphic summarises our spending in 2022/23.

Where our money comes from

A square pie chart showing £8.8m from institutional, trust and corporate grants, £7.52m from humanitarian appeals, and £5.48m from Age UK grants

Age International receives grants and donations from UK individuals, trusts, statutory bodies, Age UK, the UK Government and businesses. The above graphic illustrates our total income for the 2022/23 financial year.

CEO Salary

In 2022 the CEO of Age International was paid in the range of £100,000 - £110,000.

Salaries reflect the expertise of the staff employed and what the trustees feel is appropriate. Age International’s priority is to ensure that the lives of older people are improved as effectively as possible in low and middle-income countries. The trustees feel that it is important to ensure that we have the best people in place to achieve this.

How we protect your donations from corruption

Age International has rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes in place on a number of different levels.

  1. We have auditors to check our accounts at the end of every financial year. Download a copy of our Annual Report, at the top of this page, to see these audits in full.
  2. Our country offices and programme staff regularly assess programmes, ensuring that activities are relevant and sustainable and that money is being spent for its stated purpose.
  3. At a local level, we set up Older Citizen’s Monitoring Groups – groups of volunteers who have been trained to monitor programmes that are being delivered in their communities. They are older people themselves and they report back to programme staff if there are any problems.

Our legal name

HelpAge International UK is the registered name of the Charity, but we are publicly known as Age International. Age International is an independent charitable company limited by guarantee (registered charity number 1128267-8).

Previous annual reviews and reports

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Last updated: Jun 19 2024

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