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Protecting Rights

Our position

All women and men should have their rights protected in older age, on an equal basis with others. We believe a UN convention on the rights of older persons is essential for older people to fully enjoy their rights.

Older women: the hidden workforce

Globally, older women are contributing unrecognised yet critical support to their families, communities and economies through their paid and unpaid work. Our report, Older women: the hidden workforce gives voice to older women’s experience of work and sets out recommendations for how to address this inequality.

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Ageism is all around us

In most countries, it is still considered acceptable to deny people work; access to healthcare; education; or the right to participate in government, purely because of their age.

The case for a convention

Why should we have a convention on the rights of older persons, how would it help prevent abuse and what would it contain?

Do we respect our elders?

Mary Robinson, member of The Elders and first woman President of Ireland, examines changing attitudes towards ageing and older people.

Publications, reports and statistics

  • Facing the Facts

    Age International's flagship publication 'Facing the facts: the truth about ageing and development'
  • Time for the UK to lead

    Age UK and Age International call attention to the urgent need for the UK to support a UN convention for older people
  • In our own words

    What older people say about discrimination and human rights in older age

Denied access to life-saving healthcare

Older women living with HIV have been told that they are 'using up drugs' that 'belong to young people'.

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