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You don't stop being a person as you grow older. Yet people who are ageing find themselves forgotten, ignored and invisible - by governments and organisations alike. It is time for change. It is time to take all ages into account.

Ageing & development

The world is ageing as well as growing.

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Older women: the hidden workforce

Globally, older women are contributing unrecognised yet critical support to their families, communities and economies through their paid and unpaid work. Our new report, Older women: the hidden workforce gives voice to older women’s experience of work and sets out recommendations for how to address this inequality.

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Expert voices

These essays bring together experts in the fields of ageing, and international development, to focus on the often unexplored issue of global ageing and development.

Explore our key priority areas

Protecting rights

All women and men should have their rights protected in older age, on an equal basis with others.

Empowering older women

As women age they suffer from the combined effects of ageism and sexism. Equality must represent women of all ages.

Better Data

Having good information about older people’s lives is essential to effective development policies and programmes.

Social Protection

Social protection is an investment in the future of a family and the future of a country.

Better Health, Care & Support

Every person has the right to lead the healthiest life possible. Healthy ageing is about maintaining people’s ability to be and do what they most value.

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