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5 things you need to know about older women’s work

Our report, Older women: the hidden workforce describes how older women in many of the poorest countries are doing paid and unpaid vital work for their communities and their families, and yet their tireless contributions go unrecognised around the globe. We’ve listened to the voices of older women across the globe, including Ethiopia and Malawi for our research.

This is what they need you to know.

In their own words: Surviving the lockdown in Bangladesh

More than 900,000 Rohingya refugees currently live in in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, having fled violence in Myanmar. They now face further hardship, due to the lockdown and coronavirus. We spoke to two of the older people that our work is supporting in the area during the pandemic.

In their own words: Surviving lockdown in Syria’s refugee camps

Older people in Northern Syria have faced the trauma of being displaced from their homes and cities by war, often several times over as the frontlines for the battle have shifted. Now they are dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19) too. Two older people told us in their own words how they are coping.

In pictures: supporting older people during the coronavirus crisis in Indonesia

The worldwide health pandemic, coronavirus (Covid-19) is a huge threat facing older people in Indonesia and those with pre-existing chronic health conditions. We're working hard to combat the disease by reaching older people, and those who already vulnerable with vital resources and information on preventing the spread of the disease.

Rebuilding lives and regaining hope

Ilda is 75 years old and lost her home in Cyclone Idai. For at least two months Ilda slept out in the open, only scavenging for food and depending on the kindness of her neighbours for food and water. Here we share her story and show what your donations have done to help. 

Read Ilda's story here

Meet the older refugees fighting for hope

In Tanzania, thousands of Burundian refugees are trying to rebuild their lives following terrible traumatic voilence. We explore how donations to Age International help to give them hope.

Surviving a cyclone

How do you cope with a devastating cyclone when you're 89-years-old? We explore the impact of Cyclone Idai on older people.

A Safe Space for Refugees

Look inside an 'age-friendly space' in a Rohingya refugee camp, where traumatised older people are finding solace and support.

In pictures: a space for older Rohingya refugees

The hidden work of older women

We spoke to older women in poorer countries about the work they do every day - from paid jobs through to cleaning, cooking and caring. Here's what they had to say.

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Last updated: Dec 14 2021

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