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Response to Government paper on international development

Published on 15 December 2023 03:09 PM

Strengthening the UK Government's Approach to International Development by Including Population Ageing

Age International has published a response to the UK Government's White Paper on international development, highlighting the importance of taking into account older people's rights and needs.

The White Paper was published on 20 November and sets out the Government’s ambitions for working with global partners to tackle challenges such as extreme poverty and climate change.

Whilst Age International welcomes the Government's focus on poverty alleviation and addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, the paper failed to fully recognise the rights, contributions and needs of older people. This is despite global population ageing being a crucial consideration in improving several key areas discussed in the paper, including health systems, social protection, humanitarian response and action to address climate change.

Age International highlights where the UK Government's plans could be strengthened, helping it to achieve its ambitions and become more inclusive of people of all ages. This includes:

The response is available to download and read in full now.

Strengthening the UK Government’s Approach to International Development by Including Population Ageing (915KB) 

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Last updated: Dec 15 2023

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