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Erenestina has began selling lemonade now she has a pension.

Having a pension means having a life-line; yet 3 out of 4 people in the world live without any form of pension. At Age International we:

  • Campaign for pensions around the world
  • Help governments to set up successful pensions schemes
  • Make sure people can claim their pensions - helping them to fill in forms and get ID
  • Spread the word among older people – so they know what they are entitled to

The struggle to get a pension in a developing country

Hasne breaks bricks in Bangladesh.

Pictured: Hasne is a brickbreaker in Bangladesh, she gets paid 100 taka (84p) a day.

  • Social pension schemes simply do not exist in many of the world's poorest countries.
  • People living hand-to-mouth - who work in low-paid jobs their whole lives - have no savings to fall back on. They must work until the day they die.
  • Even when pension schemes do exist, something as simple as not having a birth certificate or ID, can make it difficult to claim.
  • If you cannot read or write, you may not even know that there is pension scheme.

'I am not a burden to anyone'

Erenestina squeezes lemonade for her business.

Pictured: Erenestina uses her pension to invest in her juice business.

88-year-old Erenestina was one of the first women to receive a pension when it was introduced for older people over 70 in Zanzibar.

'I never expected such a thing, and it had never happened before, so I didn’t believe it until I actually started receiving the pension' she says.

'I am confident and I am not a burden to anyone, I see a bright future for older people!'

Pensions are vital; not only do they help older people they also help whole families out of poverty.

'I no longer have to beg'

Maria from Mozambique smiles widely.

Pictured: 63 year-old Maria is now independent.

Age International helped 63 year-old Maria to get an ID card. Now she can claim a little money form the Mozambican government - enough to buy food for herself and her four orphaned grandchildren.

'Before, I had to beg on the street. Now I am independent in supporting myself and my family, which is a great feeling,' Maria explains.

Paul holds up his ID card in Kenya.

Pictured: We helped Paul (74), from Kenya, to get an ID card.

A older lady outside her shop

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