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Ken's bike ride

Help older people all around the world to live the lives they deserve; set up a JustGiving page today and start fundraising for Age International! There's an event for everyone; whether you want to throw a themed dinner party, an office quiz or challenge yourself with a 10k race.  

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What's it like to fundraise for Age International?

Cycling-enthusiast, Ken Bluestone, completed the five  day Paris-to-Hayling charity cycle for Age International... twice!

The route took Ken from Hayling Island on the South Coast of England, to the ferry in Portsmouth, and on to France. He cycled an average of 70 miles a day, for five days, with his two young sons. 

Ken's bike ride

“Raising money for Age International was fun. It didn’t require a huge amount of effort or pain or torture – it was just something I wanted to do.”

"You don’t usually get the chance to spend a week cycling through France! It was a lovely way to spend time with my children," says Ken.

"Having to cycle a good 70/80 miles in the rain after having only 5 hours sleep on the ferry was a tough start to the week, but it got easier from there. It was a real pleasure to cycle through lovely French countryside with a group of like-minded people! There was a real community spirit.”

Ken's top 3 fundraising tips...

1) Don't leave it to the last minute

As soon as you know what you want to do, start collecting money. Especially if you choose an activity with a high fundraising target (like running a marathon) - you might need lots of time to raise the money!

2) Communication is key

Don't just send a couple of emails asking for money and hope for the best - really think about the best ways to reach your friends and what they are most likely to respond to. A handwritten letter takes time, but it might have a bigger impact. Make sure you keep updating people throughout - and keep reminding them to donate!

3) Show your passion

The more you can demonstrate why you're doing something and make it real for people, the easier it is for them to engage. And it helps to really spread the word about the charity that you support!

Ideas to get you started

Here are some of the amazing ways that people have raised money for us in the past:

Get running

Our partner, Age UK, run a number of events that you can get involved in - including the upcoming Age UK Harewood Dash in March. Check out Team Age UK to see more events.

Try a mud-filled obstacle course

26 people completed the 'extreme obstacle mud run' for us in 2015 - a course filled with hill climbs, mud slides, lakes, trenches and fire! With locations in London and Wales covering 5-24km, there's a number of options to try. Visit the official website to find out more.

Hold a gift-free wedding or birthday

If you find yourself regularly taking your birthday presents to charity shops, this could be the fundraising idea for you - and it's so simple! Instead of accepting presents, accept donations to Age International instead.

Hold a clothes swap

If you're long over-due for a clear out, get some friends together over cake and coffee, and swap your old clothes! Everyone can make a donation to take part, and you might come away with some new goodies in the process.

Classic bake sale

Sometimes simple is best! There is no shame in going back-to-basics and holding a bake sale in your office. If you want to jazz it up, why not turn it into a Great British Bake Off themed completion, complete with judges and hosts? Or, cook food from around the world instead of cakes.

Why fundraise for us

75-year-old Karimjabu lives in Tanzania. He helps to raise nine grandchildren and works on a farm to support his family. Eight years ago, he began to lose his sight. He could no longer work on the farm; he needed help with the most simple of tasks. He couldn't afford the 30 minute operation needed to restore his sight.

Millions of older people like Karimjabu are in dire need, all around the world. But all too often they go unseen and ignored.

Karimjabu had a cataract removed and was provided with glasses

"I couldn’t farm my land. I couldn’t even go to the toilet by myself."

We're here for vulnerable older people like Karimjabu; we gave him an operation to remove his cataracts and restore his sight. We also gave him a pair of glasses to help him see.

"I was happy after the operation because all my problems had disappeared," he tells us "Life would be very difficult if I had not had my cataracts removed."

When you fundraise for Age International, you transform the life of people like Karimjabu. And you can help us to raise vital awareness about the situation of older people around the world.

Over to you!

Start fundraising with JustGiving

Whether you fancy an adventure like Ken’s or something else entirely – there is a fundraising event for everyone! Whatever you decide to do, remember to enjoy yourself! Happy FUNdraising!

We're here to help
There are lots of fun and easy ways to raise money for our life-changing work. If you're stuck for ideas, we're here to help every step of the way.
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