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Fighting ageism

We all matter - no matter how old we are. We all deserve the same chances and opportunities. Age International fights for people who have been marginalised because of their age.  

How Age International fights ageism 

  1. We put older people - their experiences, voices and needs - at the heart of our programmes. 
  2. We encourage other charities to think about older people and run training on how to become more age-inclusive. 
  3. We lobby for practices and policies that will improve the lives of older people, no matter where they live.

Defining Ageism

Ageism is the practice of discriminating against a person because of their age.

In most countries, it is still considered acceptable to deny people work; access to healthcare; education; or the right to participate in government, purely because of their age.

Around the world, older people are all-too-often often regarded as:

  • Victims of declining mental and physical capacity
  • ‘Has-beens’ with no aspirations for the future
  • Threats to the opportunities of younger people

Even where racism and sexism are declining, evidence of ageism is increasing. There is good reason to believe that ageism holds back more older women and men in the world from living well and with dignity than any other single factor.

Inequality has a significant impact on the ability of countries to develop and progress. If we do not address inequality at all ages, we risk leaving millions behind.

Age International is lobbying for:

  1. A UN Convention on the rights of older people
  2. Economic empowerment for older women 
  3. Sustainable Development Goals that really 'leave no one behind'

Regular donations change lives

Our work relies on monthly donations. A monthly gift from you could transform the lives of so many people.

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Last updated: Sep 23 2020

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