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Care at home

Not everyone can be cared for by their family, which is why we train and support volunteer carers who visit extremely vulnerable older people in their homes.

An older lady who has benefited from better healthcare in Mozambique

A volunteer carer visits Carolina in rural Mozambique - she is 80 and has dementia 

In countries where geriatric healthcare is severely limited, our trained volunteers can offer a level of care which would be almost impossible to find elsewhere - all for free.

Age International's volunteer carers cook and clean for people who are bedbound.

Carers also check blood pressure, run rehabilitation exercises, and give out medicines.

The bonds built between people and their carers are incredible - for some of the people our volunteers visit, this will be the most they speak to another person all week. 

Visiting Ms Khin

Watch one of our volunteer carers in action, in Myanmar.  

Donate to support Age International

Our work relies on monthly donations. Today, 100 million older people struggle to survive on less than 60p a day. A monthly gift from you could help someone to live with dignity.

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Last updated: Aug 24 2018

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