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Clubs for older people

Age International runs clubs for older people in poorer countries. Last year our clubs had over 400,00 members across 26 countries. 

A club meeting in Vietnam, copyright Age International/Simon Rawles

What's special about our clubs for older people?

Age International's clubs for older people are community-based, democratic, and run by older people themselves - utilising the unique resources and skills that older people have.

Clubs run a number of schemes and activities with one common goal - to empower older people so they can improve their own lives and contribute to the development of their communities.

Crucially, our clubs connect some of the most vulnerable and marmalised older people directly with local government and services - ensuring that their voices are heard.  

What happens at the clubs?

Our clubs for older people are rooted in community values. Members can:

How clubs are set-up and run

Our clubs are managed by older people themselves. Members elect a club President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

After Age International has launched a club - and supported it with training, advice, and funding - clubs can become independent.

The exact nature of each club varies from country to country, depending on local needs. In Vietnam, for example, clubs are intergenerational and aim to build bridges between older and younger villagers.  

See our clubs in action

Morie shows her granddaughter how to shape the black soap, copyright Age International/Simon Rawles

I sold soap after Ebola

80-year-old Morie turned to her local club for older people, in the aftermath of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

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Last updated: Sep 21 2023

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