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Our strategy

Since it was created in 2012, Age International has established a strong reputation, helping to change policies and support millions of older people around the world in emergency situations and through long-term development work.

Change is possible

In 2022/23, thanks to the work of our partner HelpAge International, 1.3 million older women received improved financial support or a social pension for the first time.

Supporting more older people across the world

Since the previous strategy was written, the context in which we operate has changed significantly. To maintain success and take the organisation to the next level of impact, we have recently rolled out a new organisational strategy to deliver even more for older people around the world, and to enhance collaboration with Age UK, HelpAge International and other partners. 

We developed our strategy through a participatory process, involving the full Age International staff team, as well as input from Trustees, external stakeholders and Age UK's senior management team.

The refreshed strategy runs from late 2023 to 2028.

Our vision - a world where every older person feels included and valued. Our mission - Age International exists to inspire and channel UK and international support so older people in challenging situations across the world can improve their lives. Our values - we are purposeful, we aim to be brilliant partners, we build each other up, we are ambitious.

Our strategic priorities

1) Grant making

We support more older people across the world by refining our grant-making and management. We support the sustainable transition to local partner-led programming, with a focus on funding humanitarian response and strengthening health systems.

2) Influencing

We support more older people across the world by driving beneficial change in UK policy and decision-making. We focus on humanitarian response, health, and rights, through strategic influencing and public campaigning.

3) Cross-cutting

We support more older people across the world by weaving the threads of climate and gender through everything we do - from programmes to advocacy, fundraising to communications.

4) Engagement

We support more older people across the world by increasing UK public engagement with our work. We do this by building up public support and campaigning, while ensuring our communications are respectful, and inclusive and honour our partners and the work they deliver.

5) Income

We support more older people across the world by diversifying our income sources - whether through individual giving, institutional donors, trusts and foundations, or corporate partnerships. With this diversified income, we're able to channel more unrestricted funding through HelpAge International and local/national partners to support older people directly. 

6) Organisational

We support more older people across the world by being an impactful, collaborative organisation, with an inclusive culture. We invest in our staff development with opportunities for learning and development. We invest in digital systems, and refine our processes to maximise our reach and impact. And we do all of this using evidence and insight to drive resource allocation.

How our strategy supports more older people

In 2022-23, we fought for the rights of older people to live dignified, healthy and secure lives, and we will continue to do so.

Eugenia, 69, Moldova

“We took advantage of a project and we have this greenhouse. So I’m working here for the second year already. When I feel bad, I sprout new seeds. A plant is like an alive human. If you treat it with love, it responds the same way.”

Eugenia recieved a mini-grant for a greenhouse in Moldova as part of a project to support older people to generate their own income.

Requesting more information

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Last updated: Apr 30 2024

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