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Business investments

We invest money and training in small stalls, shops & farming projects - helping older people to become self-sufficient .

When we invest money and training in an older person's small businesses, we invest in their independence, in better living standards and a stronger community.

How investments work

  1. We set up small community groups of older people and invest money into them. The groups elect a leader and treasurer.
  2. Groups give out low-interest loans to older members of the local community who have a good business idea. We supplement the loans with extra training and support.
  3. People pay the money back at a much smaller rate of interest than if they were borrowing from a bank, or even from family. The money is paid back directly to the Older People's Group - so they can re-invest in even more local people.

How have people used their investments?

Hazoor inside her corner shop in Pakistan 

When we first met Hazoor, she was struggling. She had just been diagnosed with Hepatitis but she didn't have enough money to pay for medication and was in a lot of pain. Her husband and son simply couldn't earn enough in their jobs as day labourers. 

The 51-year-old Pakistani housewife got a loan to start a small corner shop selling sweets and snacks - it was her first ever business and her first paid job! 

The shop has been so successful that she now has plans to expand.'I’m self-sufficient,' she tells us. 'I buy my own medicines; I visit the doctor at a big hospital… I even pay my own bus fare!'

Theresa's cake business in Sierra Leone 

Watch Theresa's story

See how, thanks to investment in Theresa's cake business, she now has enough money to feed the six children in her care - and send them all to school.

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Our work relies on monthly donations. Today, 100 million older people struggle to survive on less than 60p a day. A monthly gift from you could help someone to live with dignity.

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Last updated: Sep 04 2018

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