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Older people have a voice and must be heard. Read about how we put older people first in our work across the globe to fight ageism and gender equality, protect income and healthcare access and provide humanitarian response in times of crises.


69% of the global population aged over 60 live within low- and middle-income countries. These people are at greater risk of catching COVID-19, threatening their lives. The impact will affect not only them, but their families and communities. Read what we are doing to support older people during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Older women: the hidden workforce

Globally, older women are contributing unrecognised yet critical support to their families, communities and economies through their paid and unpaid work. Our new report, Older women: the hidden workforce gives voice to older women’s experience of work and sets out recommendations for how to address this inequality.

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Expert voices

As they age, older people find themselves forgotten, ignored and invisible - by governments and organisations alike. It is time for change. It is time to take all ages into account. Read what experts in the field of ageing and international development have to say and what we are doing to influence decision makers

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At Age International we have been supporting older people throughout humanitarian crises since we began. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is unlike any crisis the world has ever seen with its effects seen globally. We are currently working on the ground in many of the affected countries, including Syria to ensure that older people are included in emergency responses to Covid-19.

Here we share some photos and show how we're on the ground helping to protect lives.

In pictures: supporting older people in Syria during the coronavirus crisis

5 things you need to know about older women’s work

For our report, Older women: the hidden workforce we’ve listened to the voices of older women across the globe, including Ethiopia and Malawi, who work tirelessly for their communities and families. 

This is what they need you to know

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Read the latest stories from Age International highlighting the voices of older people and those we work with on the ground.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Help provide life-saving support to older people and their families.

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