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Facing the facts: the truth about ageing and development

Age International's flagship publication brings together 25 high profile thought leaders, development experts and academics to discuss the impact of an ageing world on international development.

Barton and Namale in Uganda

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You can also find online versions of the thinkpieces featured in Facing the Facts on our Expert Voices page.

Executive Summary

The success of the world's future development depends on how we respond to ageing.

As a group, there is no question that older people have been left behind in policy and practice. They simply are not counted.

As a group, older people have unique vulnerabilities; they are also uniquely valuable to society. Unless we make older people integral to our development efforts, we risk pushing them further into the margins, creating greater inequality and discrimination based on age. Equally important, we will not benefit from what older people have to offer.

'We need to see ageing, not as a burden, but as a triumph of development' - Mark Gorman MBE

How can I use this report?

We hope that this publication will help you to understand the importance of facing the facts about global ageing and international development and, in turn, help you to decide how to respond to the benefits and challenges this worldwide phenomenon brings.

The world is ageing. The message that resonates throughout the report is that older people have a right to be valued for who they are, have needs that must be taken into account and are a global asset, making contributions to their families and communities that need to be recognised and supported.

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Last updated: May 16 2023

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