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Improved access to healthcare for older people in rural Mozambique

Age International works with partners on healthcare projects which ranges from country to country, depending on the needs of that area and the existing healthcare climate. 

As part of a project in Africa to provide better healthcare to older people in Mozambique, we are delivering mobile health services to older people who are unable to travel to health clinics for consultations.

There were some health screenings that were not initially offered in the mobile health service as they required privacy, such as screening for cervical or prostate cancer, and often the mobile health services were held under trees or in classrooms.

Thanks to our partnership with HelpAge International and the Anglican Church, a closed, private gazebo has been made available for sexual health medical consultations, including screening for cervical cancer. In addition, three open gazebos are used for blood glucose control, eye screenings, blood pressure monitoring and more.

 Mobile medical tent

This mobile medical tent was set up in the community of Chiconelane, which is 15 kilometers from the Rural Hospital of Chibuto in Mozambique.

Nurse and patient walking into medical tent

with the gazebo, we can now track cervix and breast cancer, as the exam requires privacy and Comfort for users” 

Lenor Mabunda, a nurse from the Rural Hospital of Chibuto


Nurse giving a screening inside a medical tent

"Now, older people can benefit from quality sexual health services without having to travel to health facilities, which are far from their communities."

Lenor Mabunda, a nurse from the Rural Hospital of Chibuto 

Age International works in countries where healthcare is stretched and limited, through a variety of healthcare projects with our local partners we help to ensure older people can receive the care they need. 

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Last updated: Nov 05 2021

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