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In pictures: supporting older people during the coronavirus crisis in Indonesia

Over recent years, Indonesia, the world's largest island country has suffered many natural disasters from lesser known emergencies like landslides and tornadoes to the Sunda Strait tsunami and Sulawesi earthquake.

Age International has been working in Indonesia to help older people through the emergencies. And our work to help older people in the face of crisis continues in the country.

Posters and information on how to prevent the spread of the disease have been shared in public places and community areas

The worldwide health pandemic, coronavirus (Covid-19) is a huge threat facing older people in Indonesia and those with pre-existing chronic health conditions. We're working hard to combat the disease by reaching older people, and those who already vulnerable with vital resources and information on preventing the spread of the disease. 


We are providing hygiene kits for older people and their caregivers

We are reaching older people and their caregivers with hygiene kits. The kits are distributed door to door and contain soap, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer and vitamins. Those who are delivering the kits are being provided with self-protection including masks, hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes.

Portable washbasins have been installed in public places ensuring best hygiene and handwashing practices

As hand washing is essential throughout the Covid-19 crisis, portable washbasins have been installed in public places including mosques, churches and village offices across high-risk areas in the Central Sulawesi area.

Posters and information on hand washing and physical distancing is displayed in community space, churches and mosques

Older people are being provided with information about Covid-19 including how to properly wash hands, nutrition advice on healthy foods and more. This information is being distributed in public areas including through Older People’s Associations.

Covid-19 will affect businesses and the global economy and it is anticipated that older people will face difficulties in getting their primary needs

Covid-19 will affect businesses and the global economy and it is anticipated that older people will face difficulties in getting their primary needs. We have re-directed funds from existing programmes that can no longer continue due to social distancing, to directly provide food and homecare for older people.

This will ensure that older people get the necessary medicine and meals at a time when they may not be able to leave the house in order to protect themselves from Covid-19. 

Over 500 households to receive food parcels and essential items

An estimated one months’ worth of food is being provided by volunteers to nearly 500 households. When our team of dedicated volunteers deliver food they are also providing guidance on physical distancing.

Alongside food parcel deliveries, home care support is also being provided by doctors and nurses to older people who are chronically ill and need medicine and assistance.

To protect older people and staff, protective equipment, such as masks and gloves have been provided to all those providing the care, alongside handling and delivering the food parcels and hygiene kits. 

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Last updated: Sep 23 2020

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