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Rewrite the story

Daw Than is the sort of person you could sit with and listen to all day. Her story is simple, but powerful.

All her life, Daw Than had been a happy, active member of her community and family in Myanmar. Every day she’d support her family with the cooking and housework, and make pots for a living. Not content to simply support herself and her loved ones, she dedicated her life to Buddhism, giving regularly to her local monastery.

With older age, her story began to change. She started to lose her hearing, and realised she couldn't afford to go to the clinic to get help. Though she could still do most things around the house, she couldn’t easily talk with her loved ones. To add to this, she then had an accident where she fell and broke her leg. 

This was where we came in. Our community-based care is aimed at supporting older people who fall on hard times and need a helping hand. We connected Daw Than with carers who now visit her at home and help her wash, clean the house and finish other chores that she can’t do alone. If she needs it, they bring her food and medication too.

For Daw Than, the support of our volunteer carers – all members of her local community trained by our partner HelpAge International – has allowed her to start to rebuild her life.  We’re fighting to make sure every older person has the chance to tell a story full of pride and joy.

Daw Than’s future is looking hopeful, but there are so many older people who don’t have access to this vital support. For an older person in need, receiving care at home can mean the difference between despair and dignity.

You can be a part of making this a reality, so that older people like Daw Than can reclaim their stories with pride. 

From isolation to connection. You could be the difference.

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Last updated: Dec 10 2020

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