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Improving geriatric healthcare

In countries where healthcare is stretched and limited, we make sure people can see a doctor and get the care that they need.

Dr May sees to a patient at our popup clinic in Mynamar

What's the problem?

In poorer countries, older people struggle to get the specialist healthcare they need.

  • There aren't many hospitals or clinics - the nearest might be miles and miles away, so you can't just pop to the GPs 
  • You might have to get a local bus to the clinic - but you might not have enough money
  • When you get to the clinic, healthcare might not be free and medicines could be too expensive 
  • Even if you can afford to pay, the doctor might not be able to treat you because geriatric training is so limited  

How we help

Our healthcare work ranges from country-country, depending on the needs of older people in that area and the existing healthcare climate. In general, we do the following healthcare work around the world: 

  • Provide training and materials for healthcare professionals - so they can better diagnose, treat and care for older people 
  • Run pop-up clinics and mobile clinics (i.e. healthcare vans) to reach older people living in remote rural areas 
  • Make sure older people have ID cards so they can claim free transport and free medicines 
  • Pay for older people's medicines and treatment when needed 

Latest from our healthcare programmes

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Last updated: Aug 24 2018

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